Guile SimpleSQL

What is it?

A very simple interface between Guile and various databases. It's designed to make use of SQL databases easy and "Schemish.". The package was previously known as Squile.

Who's responsible?

Squile was originally written by Hal Roberts <>, and subsequently maintained (with more than a little rewriting) by Jorgen 'forcer' Schaefer <>. Of late, the package has been maintained by myself, Dave Lambert.

Which databases?

At present only MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are supported. I don't plan any new interfaces myself, but contributions are welcome.

Where can I download it from?

From Guile SimpleSQL's download page. Right now, the latest version is 2.2.1, which works with Guile 1.4. Those living in 2004 might be interested in a version compatible with Guile 1.6 or even 1.7. For them, there is SimpleSQL 2.3.2. Though a development release, it should work.

Guile XMMS

On a different note, I've also written a wrapper for libxmms, letting you control XMMS from Guile. It will live here until I get a proper home for it. In the meantime, get it from here. Logo